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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pearl Noreen

Pearl Noreen Laemmli arrived on January 4th – her due date – without any complications.  Now a few months later, it feels like it was nearly a lifetime ago and yesterday all at the same time.

I had gone to the doctor the morning of the 4th for my normal weekly appointment and, just like with Lucy, my blood pressure had spiked.  My doctor highly encouraged me to be induced which I was pretty against the whole pregnancy.  But, at 40 weeks, I was so anxious to get this baby out so we went with it.

Pearl’s birth was quick and uneventful and everything went very smooth.  I think everyone was pretty surprised that she was a girl, but we were extremely excited to welcome another girl into our world.  She spent her first little bit of life on the outside laying on my chest before she was checked out and got her first bath.  She weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces and was 20 inches long.  A bit smaller, but longer than Lucy was which made her seem tiny!

Later that night we got to introduce her to Lucy, who was very skeptical at first.  Not really at the baby, but she was very concerned with why I was in the hospital.

We spent the first couple of (exhausted) days at home just Pearl, Paul and me.  Lucy had some really great Grandma/Aunt/Cousin time in Kansas.  Pearl took to nursing immediately and even gained weight before we left the hospital.  At her two month appointment she was already 14 pounds!  She now has the best rolls ever.

Now a few months in we have figured out a new normal.  Lucy loves being a big sister.  She is always sharing her toys and books with Pearl and loves to give her hugs and kisses.

Pearl has a very sweet disposition.  She smiles a lot to anyone who talks to her and just last night she giggled a little at Paul and I when we made sounds at her.  She doesn’t love tummy time, but is getting very strong anyway.  She likes to sit in her Bumbo seat and look around and loves laying on her play mat and grabbing at the toys on it.

She is sleeping OK.  At first it was pretty rough.  Thank goodness for maternity leave!  Then at about 9 weeks, she started sleeping through the night (hallelujah).  But now we are traversing the four month sleep regression and MAN I am tired.  Trying to take it day-by-day and night-by-night and hoping that we come through this soon!

We are so in love with you, Pearl Girl!


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