Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lucille – One Year


Lucille turned ONE!  What a year it was.  People say it but you can’t really understand how fast it truly goes by until you wake up one day with a brand new baby, and the next day that baby is a sweet little toddler, walking all over the place, saying new words everyday.

Her birthday was on a Sunday so we had family here all weekend and celebrated with a bright, sprinkle-y cake that she LOVED.  She hadn’t had a ton of sugar up to that point but she devoured it, and then later when seeing the cake on the counter, she insisted on more.  And she only turns one once so of course, she got some more!




At one:

Lucy had just started to walk – on her birthday she still kind of preferred to crawl everywhere, but it seemed that immediately, she took to walking and it quickly became her preferred mode of transportation.

On her birthday, she had 8 teeth, all in front.

She LOVES our kitty Emma and lots of other animals too.  She says “woof woof” when referring to a dog.

Her favorite book is Moo, Baa, La, La, La.  She will make the animal sounds for us – it’s so sweet!


Lucy loves to be outside – there is a new park by our house and we fell in love with the slide and the swings before it got too cold.  She also loves to go on stroller walks with Mama.

Bath time is our favorite – she will play in the water long after it gets too cold for most people.



Lucy is an eater!  She will usually try anything we put in front of her, except for meat.  She is just not a fan of meat in the least.  She loves veggies, especially green veggies.  Give her a bowl of peas, green beans, etc. and she will eat them all day long.  She loves corn, bread, cheese and mac & cheese is a current favorite.  Favorite snacks are Cheerios and Goldfish crackers but she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to snacks – she will eat anything if it’s in her snack cup.

We quiz her on body parts – currently she knows where her piggies (toes) are, belly, nose and ears.



Currently her favorite toys are blocks (Grandpa Jim made her a homemade set for her birthday!), books, babies (she says “baby!”), stuffed animals, and any toys that stack.  She also loves playing with plastic bowls and strainers in “her” kitchen cabinet.

Lucy Jane, you are the sweetest and we can’t wait to watch you grow in your second year!


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    Katrina@Cook Ware Lab — November 2, 2017 @ 12:19 am

    She looks very cute and smart.

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