Friday, May 13, 2016

Lucille Jane – 6 months in


I’m finally getting around to sharing some six month shots of Lucille, annnnd she turned seven months old on Monday.  Such is life these days!

I keep thinking each stage is going to be my favorite, and then the next just gets better.  Right now Lucy is sitting up like a champ.  She is scooting backward and I feel like she is going to pop up and crawl at any given second.  She is sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hours at night, takes a few naps during the day, and is typically a happy, smiley, easy-going girl.  On Mother’s day, she said “mama” and I almost died.  My heart grows every single day!

We started her on some food around 4 months but it took us a while to really figure out what we were doing, and which direction we wanted to go.  We started with purees, but I wasn’t convinced that was the best.  So we tried a little baby-led weaning but she never really caught on to feeding herself, so in the last few weeks we have gone back to purees and it has worked extremely well the second time around.  She LOVES sweet potatoes, avocados.  She’s not too crazy about green beans and bananas.  Other foods she will take or leave but mostly leaves.  She also absolutely loves water, especially when she can take a sip out of mom’s or dad’s cup.

Bath time is her favorite.  Since she is sitting up now I have added some toys to bath time and I swear she could sit in there forever and play.  She loves being outside and we have been taking lots of walks lately during which she enjoys sitting in her stroller taking in everything that is going on around her.

She also loves paper ANYTHING.  Like, she wants to chew on it until it’s nothing.  Also loves her toes and Emma the cat.  She’s also waving “bye bye”

We are so so so much in love with this girl.

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    Stella @ Stellicious Life — May 17, 2016 @ 3:53 am

    She is absolutely adorable Cassie! Such a pretty little girl, her smile is heart-melting 🙂

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