Meet the world’s newest snack: caramel pecan pretzels.  I don’t even think I can legally call this a recipe.

Not that I am concerned with the law here.  But what I do know is that I can call these totally addictive.  I can call them amazingly good.  I can call them over-the-top simple.  And I can call them my new favorite snack because I have just come to terms with the fact that each new snack I try ends up being my favorite for 20 seconds or so, until the next one comes along.  I am declaring this the summer of snacking!

I am also calling these my new favorite because they feature Pretzel Crisps!  I might have received a ridiculous (read: amazing) shipment from the Pretzel Crisp folks.  I’m not even sure how many bags we got because, well, a few of them are already gone.  I’m not sure if you know what I mean by that.  But I’ll just say that we opened a bag of the Buffalo Wing flavor immediately (you are probably not shocked by that.) And it was demolished within 18 hours.  I’m not even going to pretend to be ashamed by it.  I did have a little help.

I must say that every one that we have tried, we’ve loved.  But when I was coming up with a recipe for them, I went back to the original.  I’m a sweet-and-salty kind of snacker and I knew I wanted these babies dipped into something.  That something became caramel and it was 100% the best decision.  The sweet to salty ratio in these caramel pecan pretzels is perfect and the crunch to creamy texture is even more out-of-this-world.  Oh, and they only take a few minutes to “make.”  Pretzel Crisps for the win!

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Salted Caramel Pecan Pretzels

Yield: 25 pretzels

Total Time: 20 minutes

Crispy Pretzel Crisps dipped into salted caramel and topped with crunchy pecans.


1 cup caramel pieces
1 Tbs. water
25 Original Pretzel Crisps
1 tsp. Maldon Sea Salt
1 cup pecan pieces


Melt the caramel with the water over medium-low heat, stirring often until smooth. Stir in the salt and remove from heat.

Working quickly, dip the top half of the Pretzel Crisps into the caramel. Transfer to the the parchment paper and sprinkle a few pieces of pecans over the caramel. Repeat with remaining Pretzel Crisps. I stopped about halfway through the process to reheat the caramel. You may need to do this more or less often, depending on the heat of your kitchen.

Allow the treats to dry for about 10 minutes, then carefully peel away from the parchment paper. Store in an airtight container.

Cassie's Notes:
I used Kraft Caramel Bits, about half of one bag, for the caramel in these. They melt very easily! If you wish, use homemade caramel sauce.

Pretzel Crisps provided me with a shipment of their product for this post.  I am not being compensated in any other way and as always, my opinions are 100% my own.  Read my disclosure policy here. This post contains affiliate links.