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32 Week Pregnancy Update – June & July

25 weeks

25 weeks

June and July: I’m totally slacking here and I have no excuses and no apologies.  June and July just simply flew by.  Paul was busy with youth work camps and trips.  We had a few baby showers, he played some gigs, and we continued to prepare ourselves to become parents!  The trips have now wound down and work travel for me is doing the same.  I’m 32 weeks today.  8 weeks to go, which seems nearly impossible.  Just flipping back through my weekly belly shots from the past 32 weeks I can’t understand how that many weeks can fly by in the blink of an eye.

26 weeks

Feeling: Overall I’m still feeling mostly good, and I recognize that I have absolutely nothing to complain about because for the most part, I have had it made and I know that pregnancy is so much worse for some women.  Paul is such a supportive partner, too.  There is no way I would be doing as well without his cheerleading!

I have started to feel some fatigue creeping back, especially after over-exerting myself, or after spending too much time in the heat.  Although, I cannot complain about the summer weather – it’s been extremely mild up until the past few weeks.  My rib cage feels like it’s going to explode most days but other than that my body is holding up well.  I’ve been working with a chiropractor for a couple of months now and she is helping me to stay lined up and I’m so grateful for that!

I’m also feeling extremely excited to meet this little guy or girl, especially knowing that it’s really right around the corner.  We are still in the process of really letting it all set in and it’s funny sometimes, the things that make us look at each other and say “we are really doing this!”  Each step we take in the process probably makes it a little more real, and might make us a little bit more excited (and terrified!)


Food:  Still no crazy aversions or crazy cravings.  I’ll eat any and all ice cream you put in front of me, and lately specifically that’s been twist cones, along with mango sorbet.  Other things that always sound particularly good are Goldfish crackers, chicken strips, salads, and fresh fruit (peaches!).  I’m able to eat pretty much anything and up until this week I have had a good appetite.  This week that seems to be changing, though, and while I feel hungry, not a whole lot really sounds good.  I think part of that is, again, to blame on the heat, and another part because when I eat I’m usually miserable because there is just so little space for anything extra inside my abdomen!

29 weeks

29 weeks

Movement: Still constant movement.  I still love feeling and seeing the movements, and especially when Paul talks to my belly.  It makes me so excited that he/she is recognizing his voice.

Exercise: Walking, walking, walking!  I’ve tried to keep it up as much as possible as the heat and humidity has arrived and I think I’ve done pretty well.  I’ve walked some in the early morning hours, or late evening and feel really good about my activity level.  Physical activity of any kind is getting tougher though, and I’m definitely slower than I’ve ever been but I’m mostly just listening to my body and adjusting my intensity based on how I feel.

31 weeks-2

31 weeks

The nursery: The nursery is 90% finished.  Baby L has been shown some serious love by family and friends so far and has everything he/she needs.  We painted the walls last weekend and are finishing up the furniture this week, so by the next update I should have a picture to share.  I’m really excited with the way it’s turning out and having it near completion is a nice big thing to check off “the list” in helping me feel more prepared.


someone tiny enough to be wearing these will soon be living here! 

Thoughts on pregnancy: Well, as I mentioned, I can’t believe it’s going by so dang fast.  In 8 (ish) weeks we will have a newborn living in our home!  Eeeeek!!  That just seems unreal.  We are excited and terrified and sometimes we feel ready and sometimes not at all.  We are both pretty confident that we will just take it day-by-day, together, and are relying on the fact that most parents have no clue what they are doing when they bring their first born home, so chances are, we, and the babe, will be just fine.

I actually have to say that I have loved being pregnant.  I have never felt more comfortable in my skin.  Seeing my body grow and change to allow for a human to grow just blows my mind and I’m so fortunate to get to have this experience.  I’m 100% certain that I will probably never experience anything else quite so special.


Looking forward to: The next 8 weeks for Paul and I to spend some time just the two of us.  It’s blowing my mind to think that in just a couple of months we will automatically go from a family of two to a family of three, forevermore.  I also can’t wait to find out whether this kid is a boy or a girl!  I’m so glad we decided to wait but some days I just want to know!  I also can’t wait to just touch his or her face, to kiss his or her cheeks and just look into his or her eyes.  I can’t wait to witness Paul with the baby.


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    Jess — August 15, 2015 @ 10:14 pm

    I love loved reading this update, Cassie – you have such a great attitude about the experience and you two will be such great parents! Definitely enjoy these coming few weeks, but you’ve got tons of fun ahead!

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    Liz @ The Lemon Bowl — August 20, 2015 @ 9:41 pm

    I am smiling ear to ear reading this! You are absolutely glowing my friend!!! I hope the next 8 weeks flies by!! Xoxox miss you

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    Rachel Cooks — September 25, 2015 @ 8:32 pm

    I was getting a little teary reading this! Miss you! Can’t wait to “meet” this little guy or girl!!!

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