Wednesday, June 24, 2015

25 Week Pregnancy Update


25 weeks along and Baby L. is about 2 pounds and over a foot long and growing more and more each week.

Food: Thankfully, no food aversions.  Pretty much ALL food sounds good, ALL the time.  No strange food craving combinations, but definitely some cravings are going on.  I am not really an ice cream person but lately, I want as many chocolate malts as I can get my hands on.  Also, cheese.  Don’t put me near Goldfish crackers, sliced cheese, or mac & cheese because it will be gone very quickly, if I’m given the chance to devour it.  Maybe I need some calcium?  That’s what I’m telling myself.  Also, I have never wanted chicken strips more in my life.  I will still eat a pizza anytime and can’t get enough avocados.

Luckily Paul has become a very healthy eater recently so he is helping me stay on track with my crazy cravings.  I’m loading up on fresh produce and proteins at the grocery store each week his love for salads is helping me make sure to get enough greens.

I’m also craving all the fresh fruit that I can handle, and I have gained quite a bit of energy back so I’m staying active, which is helping with the ice cream indulgences!

Movement: So much of it!  There were certain things that I expected out of pregnancy but feeling the baby move wasn’t one of them.  And I love nothing more than feeling (and seeing!) the little squirms and kicks.  I am thinking this kid will come out with some pretty good rhythm.  He/she response to music already, and the best part is that the response is even more pronounced with it’s Paul playing/singing.

The nursery: Well, it’s a very rough work-in-progress.  We have picked out a paint color, so that’s a start.  We also bought a small dresser and side table from Craigslist (both need a coat of paint) and have picked out a crib and changing table.  Paul’s summer is pretty busy with youth trips so we are waiting until August, after those trips are complete, to really focus on the nursery.  I still haven’t bought much for the baby – one outfit to bring him/her home from the hospital, and ordered some cloth diapers.

Exercise: I’m taking walks like it’s my job.  I’ve had a really good habit of walking since I first found out I was pregnant and as the spring weather moved in, walking became easier and easier.  Now that summer heat and humidity, and sometimes endless rain, has arrived, I have had to get a little creative.  I have been waiting until later in the evenings to walk, to least stay out of the beating sun, and going in the mornings on the weekends.

I’m also stretching a ton.  Another one of those things that I didn’t really expect out of pregnancy is my body just feeling so weird!  I expected the weight gain, and maybe some back pain, but holy cow, my rib cage feels like it’s totally going to explode any minute now!  I’ve been seeing a chiropractor to keep everything lined up and I think she is saving me right now!  Some days I feel extremely great and others I feel slow, sluggish and like my skin could not stretch any more.  And then somehow, it does!

Thoughts on pregnancy so far:  Well I have to say that I am actually loving pregnancy.  I have never really felt so comfortable in my skin.  Even with my ever-changing body and the weight gain, I have more self-confidence than maybe ever before.  I hope that this whole experience will help give me a much better outlook on body image even after the pregnancy is over.  My mindset has completely shifted from focusing on weight, what I look like, or how my clothes fit, to just taking care of my body to give this baby an environment in which it can thrive and grow and come out healthy and ready to face the world, and that shift has done wonders for my psyche.

I think the baby is taking a major growth spurt right now.  I have plenty of energy, but at the same time, I just can’t get enough sleep!  I’m feeling alert and awake during the day, but by the time the evening rolls around, I’m pretty done.  And the weekends have been great for catching some extra sleep.

Emotionally I have been pretty OK.  Some days are better than expected.  The weekend of my shower, my family had been in town, and then that Sunday after the shower Paul left for a week of mission work with middle school students and my family had left and I had gone from a house full of people, to an empty house for the wee and that made me a wreck.  Then I tried to read some new baby books to my belly…that was a big mistake.  Talk about waterworks!

I’m starting to feel like time is really short.   15 weeks is a good amount of time, but it’s also not very long at all.  And there is still a bit of a to-do list.  Let me be clear though – I don’t actually have a physical list.  I’m trying to be reasonable and keep some sanity.  Does all of it need to be done before the baby gets here?  Of course not.  But will it make me feel better?  Maybe, probably.  I’m trying to prioritize those items into the things that really need done and the things that really don’t matter at all.  I’m trying not to let dirty floors get me down, and trying to focus more on spending time with Paul in the last weeks as a family of two.  Trying to focus less on the nursery being 100% perfect before the baby gets here because, let’s face it, that’s all for show.  The babe will not care even a little bit whether his/her room is fully painted and put together, the baby will care more that he/she is welcomed to a loving family.

Looking forward to: Knowing what this little one looks like.  I have daydreams about his or her hair color, eye color, what its nose, ears, cheeks, etc. look like.  A little over 100 days to go!


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    Sues — June 24, 2015 @ 7:02 pm

    You look adorable and I’m so happy that it sounds like things are going wonderful for you!

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    Emily @ Life on Food — June 25, 2015 @ 9:53 am

    When I was pregnant I couldn’t stop eating cheese too. Grilled cheese happened almost every day. And lots of glasses of milk.

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