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Summer 2018 - Camping @ Lake of the Ozarks - Bake Your Day
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer 2018 – Camping @ Lake of the Ozarks

We bought a camper!  This sounds a bit dramatic, but this is a dream being realized. Paul and I have dreaming about something like this for as long as I can remember.  Read this post.  We are just dreamers!  One of the first times we spent a weekend away together (at the Lake of the Ozarks, coincidentally), we dreamed about future vacations and getaways we would take and that conversation morphed and changed over the years to the most recent iteration of some much-needed family getaways in a home on wheels.

I realize it’s just a camper, but it’s kind of hard to believe that we actually did it.  We purchased an R-Pod.  Over the last few months we spent so much time researching and shopping and talking and we finally landed on the R-Pod primarily because we would be able to tow it with our current vehicle, but also because HELLO HOW CUTE IS THIS THING.

So I did not really grow up camping.  My only real memories of camping as a kid were some lake days with my grandparents in their travel trailer but I don’t really remember actually camping all that often.  I’m not not outdoorsy, but when it’s 100 degrees mosquitoes are as thick as the air, this mama needs a a respite from the critters, a little air conditioning and a convenient place to potty.  And our little R-pod is just that.

It’s so adorable inside and is just the right amount of space.  We did almost all of our cooking and eating outside but the trailer allows for a nice place to relax, sleep, etc. inside.  We picked up the R-pod on a Wednesday and had already scheduled a lake vacation for the following week so we quickly reserved a spot at Lake of the Ozarks State Park and we took off.  Lucy was so excited about the camper, even pretend playing food truck, offering us ice cream and tacos out of the window.

We arrived to our camp spot on a Monday, got our camp setup and immediately made a bee line for the water since #itssohothere.

It had been a year since Lucy had last been in the water but she LOVED it.  She was a little timid at first but got comfortable very quickly.  It was so fun to watch her swim around and eventually got so comfortable that she would get in and out by herself off of the dock.

Pearl didn’t love her life jacket but she does love being outside and also loved a dip in the water.

Pearl’s first boat ride was a success!

Our week was filled with bug spray, sunscreen, all the best snacks, rose while the sun set and watching deer eat out of the camper window while we drank our coffee.  Pure perfection. We camped through Friday at the state park and then spent the rest of the weekend at Paul’s mom and dad’s swimming some more. It was the perfect family getaway that we had dreamed about and we can’t wait for the next in a couple of weeks!


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