Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Guy Across The Table

Yes, this guy: my out-of-this-world husband, Paul.


If you have read my blog for any length of time, or if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know a few things about him.  He loves food as much as I do and often inspires recipe that show up right here.  He knows me well; sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself.  We love the same junk food, and baseball team; the lake is our favorite getaway; He loves God with all his might and he inspires me to be a better person 

My friend Amanda decided to dedicate a post to her husband and invited some others to do the same.  I talk about Paul all the time but usually in relation to how much he liked a recipe or how he helped me cook it.  So today, this space is dedicated to my other half, my #1 fan, my biggest supporter, and my partner.  Here are a few questions I asked Paul, and the other ladies asked their significant others, and his answers. 

1. What is my favorite blog called?  He answered “Bake Your Day”?  I don’t think he knows how many blogs I actually read!

2. What is my favorite prop?  He answered “the photo boards I made you” and he’s pretty darn right.  He’s made me four and the first two have a fun story behind them!


3. What is the weirdest thing you have seen me do for a blog post?  He said “ask me these questions”.   Can’t argue with that.

4. If you could have your own blog what would you call it?  He couldn’t think of a blog name but he thought it would be ministry and/or community-focused.

5. What do you do for a living and what are your hobbies?  Minister to Students and Worship Leader.  He enjoys woodworking, playing guitar and singing in his blues band, fishing, riding his motorcycle


6. What are some favorite recipes I have made for you? Buffalo Chicken Dip; Black Bean Burger Quesadillas (and Black Bean Burgers); Pulled Pork; Fried Rice; Rosemary Roasted Nuts; Jalapeno Popper Cups

And for fun, 10 (somewhat silly) reasons I love my hubs:

1. He builds things for me.

2. He makes me laugh every day.

3. He tolerates, and even encourages this crazy blog thing.

4. He has great hair!

5. He does dishes.

6. He really, really loves people and building relationships with others.

7. He loves Mexican food as much as I do.

8. He gives a great massage.

9. He sings.

10. He’s a master of the grill, of quesadillas and of scrambled eggs!

And bonus: he loves me more than I ever imagined possible and I thank God daily that he is in my life.



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63 Responses to “The Guy Across The Table”

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    Rachel Cooks — September 12, 2013 @ 7:10 am

    Love this! And how funny that our husbands had the same answer for our favorite blog, haha!

  2. #
    Lauren at Keep It Sweet — September 12, 2013 @ 7:28 am

    I love this, Cassie! You and Paul are such a sweet couple.

  3. #
    Liz @ The Lemon Bowl — September 12, 2013 @ 7:29 am

    So jealous of Number 7!! Love this. 🙂 You two are so cute!!

  4. #
    Amy @Very Culinary — September 12, 2013 @ 7:51 am

    You guys are so cute. Love!

  5. #
    megan @ whatmegansmaking — September 12, 2013 @ 7:53 am

    Love this! You guys are so cute and it seems like you are so happy together. 🙂

  6. #
    Ali | Gimme Some Oven — September 12, 2013 @ 8:19 am

    Oh my goodness — I love this!!! (And what a cool photo at the very top!)

    You two are without a doubt one of my favorite couples. It’s been so fun to know you both and see the cool ways that your marriage has continued to grow and strengthen over the years. (And of course – join in for some of the happy hours, Mexi food, photo board building, and more!) 🙂

    Miss you, and cheers to a wonderful couple!

  7. #
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) — September 12, 2013 @ 8:21 am


  8. #
    Erin | The Law Student's Wife — September 12, 2013 @ 8:26 am

    You guys are adorable…and Paul DOES have great hair, lol. What a wonderful couple you are. Thanks for sharing this Cassie. It’s a pleasure to read!

  9. #
    Quinn — September 12, 2013 @ 8:34 am

    Awwww Cassie, this is so sweet! Miss seeing you guys at church!

  10. #
    Stacy | Wicked Good Kitchen — September 12, 2013 @ 8:43 am

    Awww…this is SO SWEET, Cassie! I’m so glad that I dedicated a recipe to my hubby and featured photos of our wedding day last June. In fact, the recipe I posted today is one of his very favorites. (He loves everything Buffalo Chicken! He inspired the recipe, too.) So, just as I mentioned to Amanda, I am right there with you gals in spirit today! My guy? All of the above (ALL, right down to the thick gorgeous hair which he grew out nice and lush especially for me, kinda circa 1978) with the exception of singing. He sings, but whistles better. What would we do without our loves, our best friends, and their undying love and unbridled support to even include washing the dishes? I’ll never forget your sweet story of your wedding proposal. *tears welling in eyes* Thanks for sharing, girl! xoxo

  11. #
    Heather — September 12, 2013 @ 8:50 am

    CUTE!!! I am loving all the answers – I’m a little scared to get down ‘n’ dirty with what Nate thinks of blogging. When I tell him all about the current blogging crisis he’s so patient, but I know it’s also totally bizarre to him too!

  12. #
    Megan {Country Cleaver} — September 12, 2013 @ 8:57 am

    What a good man you are Paul!! My husband is building my photo boards at the moment, he’s uber proud of them. It’s so nice to officially get the man-behind-the-Bake-Your-Day intro. 🙂

  13. #
    Jocelyn @BruCrew Life — September 12, 2013 @ 9:11 am

    I love this post!!!! It is always so fun to learn things about the bloggers I read and their families behind the scenes! You guys are absolutely adorable! Love what our hubby’s will do for us and our blogs…building and dishes! Mine just shakes his head at me every day when I tell him what is happening in “blog world” or what I need him to make for me.

  14. #
    Shanna@ pineapple and coconut — September 12, 2013 @ 9:12 am

    I love this!! Such a great photo of you two! I read your blog often so I have read a lot about your husband and know how much he does for you and how great he is. We are all such lucky girls to have such amazing husbands!!

  15. #
    Courtney @ Neighborfood — September 12, 2013 @ 9:16 am

    What a great dedication! I love hearing women talk so positively about their husbands in public. We need more of that for sure! You guys are adorable.

  16. #
    Kelly @ Country Nights, City Lights — September 12, 2013 @ 9:40 am

    Cassie, this is adorable. I would totally follow suit, except I have a boyfriend and I probably blog about him too much as it is. It’s nice to hear more about him! It seems like you guys are doing really well out east — come back to visit sometime!

  17. #
    Sues — September 12, 2013 @ 10:10 am

    What a super sweet post!! I love this 🙂

  18. #
    Rachel — September 12, 2013 @ 10:56 am

    So cute Cassie! Sounds like a keeper!

  19. #
    Lauren @ Climbing Grier Mountain — September 12, 2013 @ 11:25 am

    You guys rock! This has to be the sweetest post ever! And you know I applaud his ‘dilla making skills:)

  20. #
    meaghan — September 12, 2013 @ 11:40 am

    So so darling. And I love that you added the 10 reasons. I think I need to do that, too!! (My husband would second…)

  21. #
    Kristy @ Sweet Treats & More — September 12, 2013 @ 11:57 am

    You guys are one good lookin’ couple!! My husband said the same thing about these questions being the weirdest thing, haha!

  22. #
    Laurie {SimplyScratch} — September 12, 2013 @ 12:28 pm

    I love this! You two are definitely perfect for eachother… and that first photo is the best! Now Paul, could you please get on my husband? I need photo boards, like two years ago. Please and thank you. 🙂

  23. #
    Jamie | Thrifty Veggie Mama — September 12, 2013 @ 12:40 pm

    Sweet post! Love his answer to #3

  24. #
    natalie@thesweetslife — September 12, 2013 @ 1:00 pm

    i liked this little peek into your life 🙂

  25. #
    Meagan — September 12, 2013 @ 1:02 pm

    What a sweet, sweet post, Cassie! I totally grinned throughout and LOLed at your Insta-ed text exchange – TOTES reminds me of my own life with Mr. SB. And I agree with Laurie: Paul should strongly consider at least a side business if not a full-blown career manufacturing photo boards.

  26. #
    Ashley@BakerbyNature — September 12, 2013 @ 1:18 pm

    This is seriously such a sweet, beautiful, heart warming post! You guys are adorable, Cassie.

  27. #
    Angelyn @ Everyday Dessert — September 12, 2013 @ 1:22 pm

    Awww, this is so beautiful! Love this post!

  28. #
    Tanya Schroeder — September 12, 2013 @ 1:58 pm

    This was so sweet Cassie! I think food bloggers have the BEST husbands! You two are adorable by the way.

  29. #
    Laura (Tutti Dolci) — September 12, 2013 @ 2:30 pm

    This is such a cool idea! Your husband sounds like such a great and supportive guy!

  30. #
    Jennifer @ Mother Thyme — September 12, 2013 @ 2:39 pm

    Awww, such a sweet post. Our hubby’s deserve a lot of kudo’s being married to a food blogger. The two of you are just adorable together.

  31. #
    Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough — September 12, 2013 @ 2:40 pm

    So sweet! And so fun to see the guy behind the blog. 🙂

  32. #
    Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts — September 12, 2013 @ 3:40 pm

    LOVE this post!! You guys are too sweet together.

  33. #
    Nikki @Seeded at the Table — September 12, 2013 @ 4:51 pm

    You two are so beautiful inside and out!!!

  34. #
    Heather @ Sugar Dish Me — September 12, 2013 @ 6:02 pm

    This was so super sweet! Really a great tribute! The list of reasons was a great addition– thanks for sharing!

  35. #
    Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust — September 12, 2013 @ 7:58 pm

    Awe, #2. It’s the most important! I love that first pic, BTW. So great how you shot through the glass!

  36. #
    Julie @ Table for Two — September 12, 2013 @ 8:10 pm

    You two are adorable!

  37. #
    Amanda — September 12, 2013 @ 8:41 pm

    I adore Paul. Mostly cause I adore you and know that anyone you love, I love. Plus the fact that he is in Ministry makes me happy, happy, happy. You two are adorable!!! Thanks for doing this Cassie… and thanks to your hubby too! 🙂

  38. #
    Joanne — September 12, 2013 @ 9:02 pm

    Awwww so cute!! I love this. Behind every girl’s food blog, there is a totally awesome guy who eats all the food. 🙂

  39. #
    Erin | The Emerging Foodie — September 12, 2013 @ 9:03 pm

    Aw, so cute! I just found your blog and from the looks of it, I’m loving it already! Cheers to another blogger not afraid to talk about God! 🙂

  40. #
    Diane {Created by Diane} — September 13, 2013 @ 12:50 am

    he sounds just wonderful and he is lucky to have such a lovely wife!

  41. #
    Jess — September 13, 2013 @ 4:25 am

    Oh – I love this! So glad you featured him. It takes very patient (and hungry) husbands to support all the time and energy it takes to blog!

  42. #
    DessertForTwo — September 13, 2013 @ 7:28 am

    Awwww, so sweet! Love you guys! xo

  43. #
    Sommer @ ASpicyPerspective — September 13, 2013 @ 8:32 am

    Love this post, Cassie! So happy for you both, and so glad that you have such a wonderful hubby! Thanks for sharing your happiness with us! 🙂

  44. #
    Gerry @ foodness gracious — September 13, 2013 @ 11:16 am

    Great post Cassie, love that wine glass picture!!!

  45. #
    Georgia @ The Comfort of Cooking — September 13, 2013 @ 1:50 pm

    Such a sweet tribute to Paul! You two were made for each other, Cassie! xo

  46. #
    Kate@Diethood — September 14, 2013 @ 7:31 pm

    You two are a beautiful couple!! Cassie, I want your dimples! 😀 Gorgeous!!

  47. #
    tahnycooks — September 14, 2013 @ 10:44 pm

    great post! it’s nice to see a personal side to food bloggers.

  48. #
    Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. — September 15, 2013 @ 12:42 am

    So adorable! Paul sounds like a wonderful guy!

  49. #
    Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious — September 15, 2013 @ 2:18 am

    Awwwww this post is so adorable.

  50. #
    Erin @ Texanerin Baking — September 15, 2013 @ 11:40 am

    Paul seems sweet. 🙂 I remember that first picture from before – so amazing!

    And Alex had the same answer with the weirdest thing I’ve ever done for a post. I just totally deleted the question. 😉

  51. #
    Kansas Bob — September 15, 2013 @ 1:44 pm

    Loved seeing Paul working out on your deck at Conover! Miss seeing you all around the place! Say hi to Paul for Ann and me!

  52. #
    Cookin Canuck — September 15, 2013 @ 5:08 pm

    What a great tribute to your guy. You each have such a warm, generous sparkle in your eyes…looks like you’re perfect for each other.

  53. #
    Kelly Senyei | Just a Taste — September 15, 2013 @ 7:10 pm

    I LOVE this post, Cassie! You two make such a spectacular couple!

  54. #
    Jen @ Jen's Favorite Cookies — September 18, 2013 @ 2:30 pm

    What a great post! Can he make me some backgrounds too? 😉

  55. #
    Cass @foodmyfriend — September 19, 2013 @ 1:14 am

    You two are so cute together 🙂 Very nice interview!

  56. #
    Mercedes@Satisfy My Sweet Tooth — September 20, 2013 @ 8:49 am

    This is so sweet Cassie! Just reading your blog, I can see that you two have a truly amazing and inspirational relationship!


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