About Cassie


Hey guys!  I am Cassie and I am so grateful for you being here.

A few details about the blog: 

Bake Your Day was started out of – and is simply about – my adoration for food, my love for people and my desire for living a good life.  My life has always revolved around food and people.  Everyone must eat, (almost) everyone loves food, and in my experience, everyone always ends up gathering in the kitchen.

I love the idea of living life well, especially living well through food.  That means that I attempt to treat my body well through the foods that I put in it, but I also allow myself some indulgences and I always leave room for dessert!

Food is incredibly nostalgic to me; it is comforting; it brings people together; it builds community; and I love nothing more than sitting around a table with others, breaking bread and sharing in conversation.  I firmly believe that we were meant to share life in this way. I am honored that you have found yourself here and I sincerely hope you’ll find some delicious treats and meaningful inspiration to get cooking!

A little about me: 

I’m crazy about snacks of any kind – popcorn, cheesy dips, spicy pretzels, chips & salsa, etc.  You say “snack time”, I say “I’m there”.  I have a deep affinity for brown sugar, white cheddar cheese and raw cookie dough.  I would choose Twizzlers over chocolate any day, and I’m head-over-heels in love with good crispy French fries, grilled cheese sandwiches and guacamole.  I’m also crazy about Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, eggs, and mushrooms.   I always keep cilantro on-hand; I love Cholula; My drink of choice changes per the season: red wine in winter; some kind of stout in fall; spring and summer are for tequila.

I’m an ESFJ.  I drink too much coffee.  I like lists, new pens, fresh sheets, and Friends.  And Friday Night Lights.  Grey’s, Parenthood, and Nashville are also on my list.  I pretend I don’t like to workout, but I truly love the way a good run makes me feel.

My husband, Paul, is truly my other half.  Paul is the worship leader at our church in Central MO.  This little space would not be what it is today without his support all along the way.  Paul is Bake Your Day’s resident taste tester, guinea pig and #1 encourager who also happens to be supremely patient with me and my love for snacks.

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